How to buy a good laser marking machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/11

The company wants to purchase a laser marking equipment, how to choose?
First: what to fight
What to type refers to the laser marking process requirements put forward by the user department of the company or customers, including the product classification (such as auto parts, mobile computer parts, daily tool parts, etc.). Product material: the product material is the most important factor for laser equipment. Because the laser uses the instantaneous action of ultra-high energy beam to react on the material itself, the thermal reaction of different materials is different, especially plastic parts.
Second: what model do you want?
After proofing, the manufacturer also understands the direction of your laser process requirements and what kind of equipment should be equipped with. You have also visited the type of equipment required for this project and how much you have invested. When you know the type of equipment required for this project, you can consult several manufacturers on the Internet and inquire about the equipment type and accessories configuration provided by the proofing manufacturer. It's better to compare goods with goods, to prevent equipment manufacturers from indiscriminately reporting high prices, indiscriminately lowering configuration, and replacing inferior ones with better ones. 
laser marking machine
Third: what price?
After proofing and quotation and several inquiries, I have probably known the price of equipment investment and made an input-output comparison with the project. At this time, we need to consider the expansibility of the equipment, because the selection of laser equipment has a lot to do with the material and process requirements of the product. Do we just choose the laser equipment based on this product, or do we leave some room for expansion for other process requirements in the future? In addition, the configuration of laser equipment is now a mixture of good and bad, which is very cheap and has its own price However, it will be cheaper, better use of some brands, even imported brands, with guaranteed quality and higher investment.
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