How to achieve batch marking, faster completion of the work

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/04/25

How to achieve batch marking, faster completion of the work
Long marking equipment, pneumatic marking machine faster work, professional equipment
Don't worry, everyone wants to have this kind of equipment, you need to work, more efficient work, let us design for you.
ZIXU has a variety of custom equipment, according to the environment completely customized machine. Meet any detail.
A double head, two marking needle can be adjusted up and down, adjust the printing depth and at the same time can be marked on the workpiece, the work efficiency is two times the ordinary models.
Suitable for metal parts and parts, such as: Automotive piston, electric vehicle batteries, etc..
Working principle:
Computer control of the needle in the X, y two-dimensional plane according to a certain trajectory, while the needle in the compressed air under the action of high-frequency shock. In the Windows interface, in accordance with the computer editing of good characters or graphics, quickly on the surface of your work to print out the beautiful characters or graphics. Translated Description: the production of computer pneumatic marking machine, the use of imported precision linear rolling guide rail, the original motor, the driver uses the force moment subdivision technology. The utility model has the advantages of marked specification, beautiful appearance, convenient numerical change, flexible use, long service life, high efficiency and no need of plate making.
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Main features:
The computer controls the printing process, prints directly and accurately
Operation and maintenance is simple and convenient, safe and reliable operation of equipment
Strong database capabilities, no need to worry about the production data collection
Highly compatible with a variety of graphic formats, no longer need to print your trademark
WYSIWYG editor, almost all operations can be done using the mouse
No pollution, no supplies, no wearing parts, no special requirements on the working environment, low cost
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