How to Construct Drug Safety Traceability by Laser Technology

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/08/31

Laser technology is the key to the construction of drug safety traceability. Laser coding is widely used in the medical labeling industry. Its non-contact and non-polluting labeling method meets the requirements of safety and health of medical products. The information of laser coding technology is clear, intuitive, anti-corrosive, and is not easy to be erased. It guarantees the anti-counterfeiting of medical products. Consumers are more reassured about their use, which undoubtedly puts a heavy "insurance" on the safety of products.
barcode laser marking machine
With the information of drug labeling, the information of drug production, circulation and use can be inquired through Internet technology. Complete the shortcomings of the pharmaceutical distribution industry in the provision of public goods and services. For example, the quality and safety of circulation links, the supply of rural and remote areas, the supply of low-cost drugs and small varieties, the reserve of emergency medical equipment for disaster prevention and epidemic prevention, and the improvement of pharmaceutical service capacity. The application of laser marking technology is more and more extensive with the application of traceability, and the market space is huge.
barcode laser marking machine
Packaging boxes: Laser coding on packaging boxes is a simple and clean way to identify text, barcode or images without using consumables. Laser typewriters can create fully persistent encoding, usually identifying multiple adjacent products during movement.
Drug bottle: Laser coder is an effective way to create permanent labels directly on the surface of bottles or caps. Laser marking technology uses a small mirror or galvanometer to guide the laser beam, which can directly engrave or ablate the ink surface on the label on the plastic bottle.
barcode laser marking machine
Label: Laser typewriters can be used to ablate specially pre-printed "identification windows" on labels, providing clear coding while reducing operating costs by reducing required consumables.
Flexible Material: Laser marking system can be used to add marking for various bubble capping materials. Correctly designated and installed laser marking system can easily print high quality coding for multiple packaging lines.
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