How much do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of laser welding machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/13

Laser welding machine, negative energy feedback laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser cold welding machine, laser argon welding machine, laser welding equipment, etc. With the continuous development of science and technology, the traditional welding method can not meet the special requirements of many industrial technologies, and laser welding machine is widely used in mobile communication, electronic components and glasses due to its low bonding strength and 020 - advantage. 1 width. Watch, jewelry, hardware, precision equipment, auto parts, craft gifts and other industries.
laser welding machine
1、 Technical parameters
(1) Welding speed. The speed of welding will affect the heat input per unit time. If the welding speed is too slow, the heat input will be too large, causing the workpiece to burn through. If the welding speed is too fast, the heat input is too small, causing the workpiece to be welded.
(2) Laser pulse shape. Laser pulse waveform is an important problem in laser welding, especially for thin plate welding. When the high intensity laser beam is incident on the surface of the material, the metal surface will be reflected by 60% to 98% of the laser energy, and the reflectivity changes with the surface temperature. During the laser pulse, the reflectivity of metal will change greatly.
(3) Laser pulse width. Pulse width is one of the important parameters of pulsed laser welding. This is an important parameter, different from material removal and material melting. It is also a key parameter to determine the cost and quantity of processing equipment.
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