Gift box laser marking machine is very necessary to anyone

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/19

Gift box laser marking machine is very necessary to anyone, in recent years, the gift industry has attracted much attention, and gradually toward a diversified direction. Laser marking machine in the gift industry, greatly enhance the gift grade and added value, for the gift industry to bring more opportunities.
But in accordance with the customer's corporate culture background, tailored with humanistic feelings of gifts. Such high value-added services can not only maintain high profits, but also attract customers.
With the development of food packaging machinery, the anti fake marking of food has been improved continuously. Laser marking has gradually replaced traditional ink jet coding and become a new generation of anti-counterfeit artifact. With the development of science and technology and the demand for food packaging, people have developed inkjet printer. It is also an identification tool, and its main principle is the inkjet method for marking. This method is being phased out. On the basis of upgrading the inkjet printer, a new type of identification equipment has been developed. The laser code machine has been introduced and has been favored by domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers.
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