Full automatic laser marking machine used for automobile lamp marking

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/06/07

Full automatic laser marking machine used for automobile lamp marking. Fully automatic laser marking machine is very convenient for large-scale product marking, mobile marking, you can mark each part of the car lights. Identification rate: cold 100% readable; hot over 95%.
Auto parts product lifecycle traceability platform auto parts product lifecycle traceability platform through the system of collecting material information, supplier manufacturing process information, equipment information, quality information and information storage, help manufacturing enterprises to achieve the customer order and production batch to batch assembly materials through a comprehensive, so as to realize the traceability of product lifecycle information.
Laser code production process information collection, station association, out of storage information association - sales channel management - consumption terminal inquiry - handheld terminal, APP development - database construction.
Using laser mode, two-dimensional code can be engraved on the wheel hub, which greatly improves the reading rate of two-dimensional code and the amount of information of products, and realizes the traceability management of the whole life cycle of the wheel hub.
Laser two-dimensional code marking can effectively record and correlate the relevant production information, and realize the product information traceability. The equipment can be effectively docked with the MES and ERP systems of parts and components factory.
ZIXU fully provides two-dimensional code for automotive components, DPM laser marking solutions
Data processing and integration services based on two-dimensional code for information retrieval system.


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