Frame marking machine economic and durable, small equipment, large purpose.

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/08/28

Frame marking machine economic and durable, small equipment, large purpose. Electric car frame marking machine is based on the vehicle manufacturers (such as electric cars, trailers, trailers, trucks, special vehicles, buses, etc.) marking body, frame. VH code and specially designed series of products, intelligent controller to play The printer does not need to be equipped with the computer directly, the mark effect is clear, the printing is clear, the symbol public relations department rubbing standard. With special tooling, can also be on the nameplate marking, a dual-use machine.
Portable pneumatic marking machine
Frame marking machine features:
              1. alloy marking pin, clear mark, symbol MPS vehicle registration requirements
              2. With the marking machine dedicated controller, light weight, small size, easy to carry
              3. With electromagnetic adsorption device, can be adsorbed on the frame directly marked.
              4. Automatic accumulation of serial number, VIN number automatically calculated;
              5. User-friendly, easy to learn, easy to operate.
Frame marking machine technical parameters:
             1. Print range: 90 × 160mm adjustable
             2. Print depth: 0.01-2mm adjustable (depending on the material and set)
             3. Print speed: 5 - 120 characters / minute
             4. Print direction: up, down, left, right and round face printing any optional
             5. Print characters: size, spacing can be flexibly adjusted
             6. Print content: Chinese characters, numbers, letters A-Z, graphics, commonly used graphic symbols Any pattern characters
             7. Print input: manual input, bar code scanning
             8. Power supply: 220V ± 15% V, 50 ± 3% Hz, power consumption <300W
             9. Air pressure: 0.35--0.7Mpa
            10. Repeatability: <0.01mm
            11. Shock frequency: ≥ 300Hz
            12. hit the head ≤ 3Kg, the controller ≤ 3Kg
All kinds of car frame marking, engine and other parts marking, rework and change the type of marking
      portable marking machine
The portable marking machine is also suitable for field operations, large workpieces and off-site markings. The equipment is characterized by light weight, small size, easy to carry, has been widely used in electric car manufacturers, modified depot, car factory sales company, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, ship, engine manufacturing and other industries. Become the right hand of these industries.

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