Four factors influencing the price of UV laser marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/20

With the increase of ultra-fine processing market, the demand for purple laser marking machine is also increasing, and various types of marking machine manufacturers emerge in an endless stream. The price of each purple marking machine is also different. There is even a long way to go. What are the factors that affect the price of purple marking machine?
1. In the production process, the technical level leads to different prices; due to the different domestic and foreign markets, the laser production process and the technical level of the marking machine are different, which also leads to the price gap between different manufacturers. Generally speaking, the price of excellent equipment of imported marking machine reaches 100000. At the top, the price of the cheap purple marking machine is more than 70000 yuan, while the domestic products are much cheaper.
UV laser marking machine
2. Configuration quality affects price
Different configuration prices are naturally different, and the price is qualitative according to the configuration. Good laser accessories can bring good advantages to the marking machine. A good laser marking machine does not need the crystal technology to match the exact position of the light source, and can automatically and evenly absorb the photoelectric; the application of laser is also indispensable. The power consumption is reduced, so the lower heat and loss and the lower energy heat will not damage anything; the output energy can be divided into more energy, and coordination lines can be added to execute multiple beams. Coordinated and centralized work, low environmental requirements, and tolerance to dust and temperature can be used in various environments;
3. Different models affect different prices
Before the standard machine, the material, material, type, type of the product to be marked and whether it must meet the assembly line production line must be used first. First of all, by analyzing these points to determine the appropriate marking machine, considering this factor is not only to better meet the requirements of marking, but also to avoid unnecessary capital investment.
Today, the common marking machine can be divided into: carbon dioxide, optical fiber marking machine, semiconductor marking machine and many other different models, different models, different materials, their prices are also different.
UV laser marking machine
4. Look at quality service.
The warranty period of ordinary purple laser equipment is one year, so the price is more favorable than other laser equipment companies; some laser companies guarantee three years, but most marking machines have a life of two or three years. Internal;
It is recommended that you not only consider the price, but also consider the brand, quality, after-sales and other factors when purchasing the marking machine. We suggest that users only need to know the basic knowledge of purchase before choosing the laser, and then choose the laser that is most suitable for the labeled products.
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