Four axis optical fiber laser welding machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/15

The function orientation of laser die welding machine is very clear, and the possibility of quality assurance has the characteristics and advantages of reliable application under the actual conditions of accurate operation. Especially from the automation level of laser welding machine, it can play a more important role in industrial production. When selecting the key points, the products with brand quality can be brought to the application of production. It is necessary to consider the combination of product function assurance, and in order to better use the key and key points, especially the improvement of production efficiency, it is very good. Choice. From the mold professional production brand, the quality is reliable, the special purpose and the special product are suitable for different metal processing operation laser welding machine series products, may satisfy the different production application, its precise production standard and the design request, the goal demand may realize the more reliable service production, and the enterprise's demand is very clear.
laser welding machine
Compared with the traditional welding technology, brass fiber laser welding machine has obvious characteristics of high efficiency, controllability and high quality, but its defect formation mechanism and preventive measures are also unique. The customization of the welding machine R & D manufacturer has been very mature in the brass laser welding process, and most of the problems can be solved. Industrial pure copper fiber pulse laser welding can be very good welding, there is usually no crack after welding, but now in some industries, the surface after welding needs to be polished, fiber laser pulse welding will produce depression, the increase of grinding amount will increase the processing cycle and production cost, and continuous laser welding machine can solve these problems well. The pulse welding spot of four-axis linkage optical fiber laser welding machine is uneven, undercut, concave surface, more spatter, and the strength is not strong after welding.
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