For marking metal,do you know this new machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/11/07


Are you still using the pneumatic marking machine? As we know,Both pnuematic marking machine and electric printing machinery belong to the dot peen engraving machine.

And electric printer is slightly diffrent  from that of pneumatic.

Without gas,electric engraver can be marked,too.Yes, you heard me right. Don't need pressed air,only by electrical electricity,It can achieve quick marking,deep depth engraving.

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Maybe you are using the pnumatic marking machine, you know it can marking metal,marking chassis Vin number,marking gas cylinder,and so on.

So electric printer can do it all,too.what's more,we ZIXU marking machine factory successfully developed the controller.and it achieved all fonts covered.

What fonts do you want to mark?




vin number?

QR Code?

you just need to edit it.

It'more convenient,right?We ZIXU marking machine works sell electric marking machine for 12 years. Lately we produced one more kind of marking pin.

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 Which can mark really deep death,clear and no consumption to samples,The death can be up to 0.5mm

Zixu Machinery content manager system | Zixu CMS

Clink our T7 touch screen contoller to marking machinery,and plug into the electric power supply.you can start marking.

Zixu Machinery content manager system | Zixu CMS

company introduction

ZIXU marking machine works, located at the foot of the beautiful mount JinYun in Chong Qiong, is a manufacturer of marking tools. In 2005,The original technical team successfully developed the pneumatic and electric marking machine and built their own brand ZIXU.


Over the next decades,as the importation and development of technology,ZIXU focused on the production of various types of laser machines.Till now,The products has achieved European CE,ISO9001,FDA,TUV certification.and has been sold all over the world.


 As the one of only a few china companies which produce both pneumatic/electric machines and laser machinery,we always continue to improve the technology and the quality of service and wins a lot of appreciate comments from customers.



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