Laser marking machines shine brilliantly in the wire and cable industry.

Author: zixu marking   Time: 2018/10/09

Laser marking machines shine brilliantly in the wire and cable industry. The structure size of wire and cable products is usually small and uniform, so the manufacturing accuracy and marking requirements are high. Laser marking machine, as an advanced printing equipment, is replacing the traditional spray code equipment because of its permanent marking characteristics, and has become a new favorite of wire and cable manufacturers.
wire cable laser marking machine
CO2 laser marking machine with zero consumables, zero maintenance, high stability, beautiful logo and do not fall off the advantages of the wire and cable industry "brilliant"! For wire and cable users, clear, accurate and permanent identification is a way to identify with the brand, but also facilitate the establishment of long-term safe use of confidence, has naturally become the user's heart of high-end products. For manufacturing enterprises, the use of laser marking technology can improve the brand image of the market and unified logo management is conducive to the establishment of a good brand image and product reputation!
wire cable laser marking machine
1. The special marking software can provide real-time marking information without affecting the continuous operation of the whole production process.
2. After laser marking, the logo is permanent and will not wear and fade. The characters of jet printing can be as small as 0.8mm, which meets the requirements of micro-information jet printing. It can print various complex graphics or factory logo and standard certification, such as TUV, UL, CE, etc.
3. It can satisfy the general marking requirements, and the stable running quality and high-definition laser marking meet the requirements of clear, durable and easy-to-distinguish marking for wire and cable products.
4. Can mark at any time from different angles, 360 degrees, circle, bending, strip, etc. or at the bottom, side, top printing plant mark, specifications, date and other product information in line with the standards of wire and cable industry and special application requirements.
5, suitable for high-speed production line marking (7000mm/s).
6, laser direct reaction with material surface, showing the marking effect, no consumables.
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