Flange Engraving Machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/01/11

Flange Engraving Machine Widely applicable to flanges, larger workpiece end face and circumferential marking,

flange pneumatic marking machine with adjustable printing direction, 360 degree direction can achieve machine. Using

three-axis linkage technology, effectively overcome the problem of large flange inertia , can design special

fixtures and workbench according to customer requirements.

flange engraving machine

Rich mark content: Users can input and arrange Chinese and English characters, Arabic numerals, common
symbols, and arbitrary graphics.Flange-specific pneumatic marking machines are available in a variety of
marking styles: fixed character, serial number, date, time, VIN standard, mirror image, arbitrary angle rotation,
sector and bar code scanning.Flange-specific pneumatic marking machine Scope: Suitable for cylindrical
workpieces, flanges, flat and circumferential surface marking of large workpieces.
flange machine
Printed workpiece diameters up to 300-600mm "out of range can be customized" for a variety of cylindrical
workpieces, such as flanges, pipe fittings. The computer controls the steel needle to move in accordance
with the stroke set by the software in a two-dimensional plane, and simultaneously uses the compressed gas
to make the steel needle perform high-frequency impact motion, thereby forming a standardized and beautiful
character pattern on the marking object.
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