Fiber laser marking machine on the stainless steel engraving the black method

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/10/08

Fiber laser marking machine on the stainless steel engraving the black method

On the stainless steel products hit the black, and today into the static laser and share with you. In fact, in the stainless steel laser marking equipment on the current mainstream only two models, namely, semiconductor laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine. As the two laser marking equipment, the main accessories that the wavelength of the laser are 1060-1064 or so, so the effect of its marked very similar. The only difference is that there are two: one is the difference between the laser mode, the second is the highest frequency of the laser different. These two differences can be guided in the stainless steel marking on the following differences: First, the laser mode can be marked on the stainless steel good effect, especially when the stainless steel labeled black, marking the black can Transferred to the ideal. Second, the high frequency of the laser (fiber laser) to the speed of marking the ordinary marking can be almost three times faster, and in the stainless steel to play black, then about twice as fast.
stailess steel laser marking
These two laser marking machine in the stainless steel laser marking on the parameters are the same, the difference is not great. The normal setting method is as follows: If the required depth is not very high, the current can be adjusted or the proportion of power should not be large, and vice versa. The general black that is played in the stainless steel surface black effect is set as follows:

1, the semiconductor laser marking machine to adjust the current level to the middle (if 8A or so light, just transferred to about 10A marking)

2, and fiber laser marking machine, then the laser power is generally transferred between 5W to 8W can)

3, marking the distance and playing white must be less 2 to 5mm or so, that is, negative defocus.

4, marking the speed is generally below 100mm / S, if it is a semiconductor laser marking machine is 50mm / S the following.

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