Fiber laser marking machine calibration scheme in LED lamp

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/23

Fiber laser marking machine calibration scheme in LED lamp, with the development of economy, lighting energy increasingly tense, with the day lights out of the market, LED lamp market gradually, so more and more attention to the LED lamp marking, marking the traditional method is screen printing or inkjet printer supplies high cost is also very high, so is our preferred laser marking machine.
The investment cost of marking equipment supplies and maintenance maintenance frequency adhesion strength security antifouling production flexibility inkjet machine low volume high maintenance supplies dropped easily easily contaminated grease, water stains, not with the material oxidation and discoloration of laser marking machine is high and no low permanent marking grease, water stains with material changes in color variety customization purple laser processing complete set of solutions for the LED industry is in long-term processing of the follow-up survey, and combined to form the basis of LED industry product features and characteristics of the laser.
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