Electrical marking machine,ZIXU successfully developed new electrical marking needle

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/12/13

Electric marking machine,ZIXU successfully developed new electric marking needle
       We all know that the electric marking machine equipment in the marking process is not required gas source, direct plug-in that is a marking machine equipment, has been the electric marking machine market applications and no pneumatic marking machine applications , Which is why, it is because the marking depth of the electric marking machine no marking depth of the pneumatic marking machine deep, now, the new electric marking machine needle research and development, will set off a burst of marking machine craze, then Will replace the pneumatic marking machine market?

electric marking needle


Electric marking needle
      Today we come to understand the ZIXU marking machine factory developed electric marking machine.
     ZIXU marking machine factory newly developed electric marking machine to hear and pneumatic marking machine marking the same depth, is it true? Then I tell you, this is true, this electric marking machine in the future do not need to link the air source can print the same depth with the pneumatic marking machine, you say that the development of this device has brought you benefits .

electric marking needle
     You do not believe it, ah, this electric marking machine can really play deep oh, Xiaobian saw it, here we look at the electric marking machine print the depth of the sample picture
electric marking needle

Electric marking machine samples
          This electric marking machine Chongqing ZIXU spent a year testing, adjusting, and finally to achieve our ideal result, so, for those who feel connected to the gas source too troublesome customer to solve a big problem, what are you waiting for And quickly contact ZIXU marking machine factory, pre-order it section of the electric marking machine equipment.
         Chongqing ZIXU marking machine factory, marking machine experts around you to provide you with one-stop marking services.

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