Made In China lpg Gas Cylinder Gas Cylinder Marking Machine Dot Peen Marking

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/12/26

Chongqing Zixu Machine Works/Chongqing Chuke Intelligent Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. provides
handheld cylindermarking machine, handheld cylinder marking machine price, handheld cylinder marking
machine. Our handheld cylinderand marking service are the best choice of the gas monitoring station.
Cylinder Marking
In the past two years, when we produced the code printer, some customers said that the gas industry also needs
to be coded, which is the requirement of the monitoring station, so that the people can buy the products inspected
by the monitoring station, and put an end to the kind of things that often happen because of the explosion of the
three non-products and injured people. 
But for the gas industry, has the oxygen tank, liquefied gas bottle, acetylene cylinder, gas bottle type very much,
such as manufacturers were compelled to knock, speed is very slow, also it is easy to broken fingers, not a waste
of manpower, crucco marking machine company.
According to the needs of the market and combined with the characteristics of its own products experience,
developed a suitable for the cylinder code printer equipment, printer configuration are imported electronic
components, long life. 
In accordance with the gas cylinder diversified design customized jigs and fixtures, fixed in the bottleneck
section lettering effortlessly, fast, has custom-made the cylinder code injection impact range up to 15 mm,
it is easy to mark the cylinder arc.
Cylinder coding software USES Windows design style, the software can run in Windows xp /2000/7,
has a good man-machine dialogue function, easy for operators to quickly grasp.
Cylinder gas marking machine can engrave characters, Arabic numerals, Chinese characters
(all kinds of fonts and single-line Chinese characters), graphics, automatic flow increasing, and
output bar code (optional).
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