Dot Peen Marking Machine Metal For Stainless Steel Flange

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/01/14

Dot Peen Marking Machine Metal For Stainless Steel Flange
Widely applicable to flanges, larger workpiece end face and circumferential marking, flange pneumatic
marking machine with adjustable printing direction, 360 degree direction can achieve machine. Using
three-axis linkage technology, effectively overcome the problem of large flange inertia , can design
special fixtures and workbench according to customer requirements.
Rich mark content: Users can input and arrange Chinese and English characters, Arabic numerals,
common symbols, and arbitrary graphics.The main function of the flange marking machine can print
any graphic and Chinese and English characters on various materials, edit and adjust the character
size, and automatically print the date and serial code, VIN code, composite code and so on. 
Flange marking machine
Dot Peen Marking Machine Metal is especially suitable for all kinds of metal or non-metal signs, plane marking
of parts, and radial markingof cylindrical workpieces.Flange-specific pneumatic marking machines are
available in a variety of marking styles: fixed character, serial number, date, time, VIN standard, mirror image,
arbitrary angle rotation, sector and bar code scanning.Flange-specific pneumatic marking machine Scope:
Suitable for cylindrical workpieces, flanges, flat and circumferential surface marking of large workpieces.
Dot pin marking
1. Print text and graphics on the plane of signs and parts
2. Print text and graphics on the arc surface of the part. 
3.The CNC rotary clamp is a computer-controlled rotary that can rotate the workpiece by 360 degrees,
and the computer automatically compensates.
4.X, Y motion mechanism: using stepper motor, timing belt, linear bearing and linear shaft;
5. High-frequency vibration of the needle: The imported high-frequency valve is used, and the
vibration signal is given by the control circuit board.
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