Cleaning laser marking machine lens

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/08/31

Cleaning laser marking machine lens
Protecting lenses in the optical system of laser cutting machine is a consumable product. In order to reduce the cost as much as possible, the lenses should be cleaned strictly in accordance with this code. In the process of cleaning and replacing, the protection of lens placement, testing, installation, should pay attention to avoid lens pollution or damage as far as possible. After the installation of new lenses, the protective lenses should be inspected regularly and cleaned in time.
laser marking machine
Daily use of the following preventive measures:
1. Before disassembling the protective lens, it is necessary to ensure that the window around the protective lens of the cutting head is clean, and that no fan blows in the direction of the cutting head, so as not to bring dust into the inside of the cutting head and cause internal pollution when disassembling the protective lens.
2. Do not install lenses with bare fingers. Wear powder-free finger sheaths or rubber/latex gloves.
3. Do not touch the film and mirror when you take the lens. Hold the edge of the lens and place the lens on the mirror paper.
4. Avoid talking above the lens and keep all pollutants away from the working environment as far as possible.
5. Clean the lens as far as possible in a dustless environment (absolute ethanol and other detergents will only dissolve the dirt, will not cause lens damage).
laser marking machine
Flexible cleaning of lenses for mild contamination (stains, fingerprints)
Use acetone or absolute ethanol to soak an unused cotton swab, gently wipe the lens surface (no friction), drag the wet cotton slowly on the lens surface, so that the liquid left behind the wet cotton can evaporate immediately. This will leave no trace.
Use absolute ethanol to quickly wet a velvet swab, then gently clean the lens surface thoroughly. Cover the whole surface with the head of the cotton swab to remove as much Polish residue as possible.
Use acetone to wet down the cotton swab and clean the lens surface to remove all anhydrous ethanol and polishing fluid residues during the cleaning process. When using acetone for final cleaning, please gently drag the cotton swab on the lens surface and wipe away the original marks until the entire surface is wiped clean. Then make the last wiping action with the cotton swab, it should move slowly to ensure that the surface behind the swab can dry immediately, which can eliminate the surface streaks. Certain types of pollution or damage (such as metal splashes, pits, etc.) cannot be removed. If the surface of the lens is contaminated or damaged and cannot be cleaned and restored, the cleaning should be abandoned and replaced with a new lens.
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