Chinese factory OEM wholesale price QR code Metal fiber laser marking machine system

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2017/01/06

Zixu uses advanced laser equipment, each component has been strictly tested, the highest quality standards, so that customers at wholesale prices to obtain high-quality fiber laser marking machine.
Fiber laser marking machine is one of the key components of laser physics. In recent years, it has become a hot spot in the research of laser physics. Mainly by laser, vibration lens, playing card is composed of three parts, the fiber laser marking machine production laser, beam quality, the output wavelength is 1064nm and the whole life in about 100 thousand hours, compared with other types of laser marking is longer, electro-optical conversion efficiency of more than 28%, compared with other types of laser standard of the conversion efficiency of 2%-10% has great advantages in energy saving and environmental protection and other aspects of outstanding performance. It is the use of laser beam on the surface of a variety of different substances to mark the permanent. The effect of marking is a deep substance through the surface material evaporation, or by light can cause chemical and physical changes of the surface material "carved out" marks, or burned part of the material through the light, show the desired etching patterns and characters, etc. all kinds of bar code graphics.
Zixu with world-class accessories for customers to produce high-end products to meet the needs of different industries, in particular, some custom demand customers. As a factory, we have the strength to provide China with high quality wholesale price laser engraving system.
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