Chinese CO2 laser marking machine, casting new chapter in the pharmaceutical industry

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/24

Chinese CO2 laser marking machine, casting a new chapter in the pharmaceutical industry, China CO2 laser marking machine, also known as carbon dioxide laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer. CO2 laser marking machine used in some plastic material marking, Chongqing CO2 laser marking machine is now widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly used in anti chuanhuo. Very effective instead of ink jet machine.
The use of traditional ink jet machine, health condition does not meet the test standard, inkjet ink belongs to the type, is generally not directly sprayed on the drug above, is not up to standard, many pharmaceutical companies generally use the inkjet printer, with the national health requirements more stringent, now CO2 laser marking machine has brought development a new chapter for the pharmaceutical industry, they do not have to worry about drugs because the jet lead to the detection of substandard, the high cost of the late supplies.

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