Portable Battery Electric Dot Peen Marking Machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/12/07

Portable Battery Electric Dot Peen Marking Machine

battery marking machine function:

Small and sturdy: The bottom non-slip pad, easy to marking

Applies: large pieces and outdoor marking

electric marking machine
Specialize in your marking and retroactive
marking during production
Marking at the end of a production line
In the repair shop
After the finished product before delivery
At the operation site and workshop
battery marking machine ​Permanent marking
Marking depth 0.01-0.8mm, permanent marking
Display models:EMK-BG01 marking area:80 * 30,120 * 30 ,40 * 80 mm
battery marking machine

battery marking machine

Manage your marking process, from the workshop to the automated production line

Production mode allows you to easily accomplish multiple tasks: repeat checks, historical documents, operator / manager login, and read data from an existing system.
Designed for portable battery marking machine
Reliable electromagnetic needle design, without external gas source
Built-in Panasonic Lithium Battery: six hours of continuous charging, work 18 hours, you can also plug directly to the power supply.
Built-in embedded system, no external PC
Carbide marking needle: HRC95 degrees, in the 304 stainless steel marking 400000 characters.
International IDI Technology:Meet the different height difference of the workpiece marking
Optional marking area 80 * 30,120 * 30,140 * 80 mm
Compact and lightweight head: 2.5Kg

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