Causes of Common Failures of Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/09/07

Fault Phenomenon 1: Marker Printing Needle does not move.
Cause of failure: The press screw on the belt of X and Y axle drive of the printer is loosened.
Troubleshooting: tighten the press screw on the belt of X and Y axes of printer.
Fault Phenomenon 2: Printing is normal and the characters are not beautiful.
Causes of failure: unscrewed printing needle; damaged printing needle tip; lack of lubrication or foreign body jamming to make the printing needle unable to move.
Troubleshooting: tighten the printing needle and replace it if necessary; check the track and belt, and clean and lubricate if necessary.
Fault Phenomenon 3: There is no light on after the computer or controller of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is turned on.
Causes of failure: the plug of power cord is not plugged in properly; the power cord is disconnected; the power cord (or plug) is corroded; the print switch is damaged; the socket is powerless.
dot marking machine tip
Troubleshooting: plug in the power cord plug; confirm whether the socket is electrified. Note: When lacking relevant knowledge, please don't start repairing. If necessary, consult a professional.
Fault Phenomenon 4: The power supply fan is windless after the computer is turned on.
Cause of failure: computer power supply is damaged; fan blade is blocked by foreign body.
Troubleshooting: Replacement of computer regulated power supply (standard power supply is not expensive, replacement is more convenient and cheaper than repair); removal of foreign bodies in fan blades.
Fault Phenomenon 5: The computer screen is not displayed.
marking tip
Causes of failure: poor connection of screen signal line or damage of computer display card; damage of video line; damage of computer display card; failure of power-on or switch of display; inappropriate setting of contrast and brightness of display.
Troubleshooting: insert the screen signal line or replace the computer display card; reset the brightness and contrast of the display; power the display.
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