CO2 laser marking machine and plastic products be perfect partner

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/07/21

CO2 laser marking machine and plastic products be perfect partner! Laser marking machine, not the same as the raw materials of plastic how to match?
After the waves push the waves, the former wave must die on the beach? I want to say NO, continuous learning so that you are not being screened!
First of all for everyone to list a few more common plastic materials:
Why use CO2 laser marking machine: fiber-optic plastic, then simply cause the object discoloration, and CO2 is not easy to cause object discoloration; fiber laser marking machine offer relatively expensive, equal power fiber laser marking machine than CO2; Much better than fiber. CO2 laser marking machine application
CO2 laser marking machine advantages: high power laser power control by the software, a series of adjustable processing costs low, without any supplies, marking large scale, clear symbols, easy to wear, marking cutting efficiency, carved depth of manipulation, Can adapt to a variety of goods. Can be carved non-metallic and some metal materials. Widely used in clothing leather, buttons, glasses, technical gifts, electronic components, food packaging, plexiglass, fabric cut, the construction of ceramics, PCB, rubber products, shell nameplate and other marking cut. CO2 series of stripping machine for stripping the outer part of the wire, and other non-metallic materials, including chloride, glass fiber, polyester, polyester film, fluoride, nylon, polyethylene, silicone, aluminum foil , Teflon and other different hardness or high temperature insulation materials.

CO2 laser marking machine

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