Application of laser marking machine in semiconductor field

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/27

Laser marking machine has obvious advantages, such as high marking accuracy, easy to erase and fast marking speed, initially entered various industries. In the semiconductor industry, it is naturally inseparable from the label.
However, in the semiconductor industry, wafer level labeling is one of its special needs. Wafer level marking is mainly applied to the wafer marking on each chip on the back of the wafer to ensure the traceability of each chip, and then cut into a single chip after marking.
Because when the chip is in the process of marking machine, the chip has been completed, and the chip has been very valuable, so higher requirements are put forward for the marking equipment, mainly reflected in: (1) the chip is often thinner and lighter. Different materials need to control the depth of marking, and the marking font is clear; (2) the smaller the chip size, the larger the positioning accuracy and font size.
laser marking machine
(3) It is very difficult to transport and transport the thin wafer in the process of labeling. How to deal with this process is very important. At present, more wafer level marking equipment used in laser marking machine industry is csm-3000 series of eotechnologies. In recent years, due to the rise of wafer level WL-CSP packaging, the demand for wafer level labeling has become increasingly strong. Well known laser equipment companies at home and abroad have also developed wafer level marking equipment and substitutes.
Of course, in addition to chip level marking, there are many other marking applications in the semiconductor laser marking machine industry, such as marking the packaging surface after packaging, marking the chip serial number, etc.
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