Application of laser marking machine in gear processing

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/03/05

Laser marking machine everyone knows that gear is the most widely used mechanical part in mechanical transmission system. Traditionally, they use processes such as carburizing and high frequency surface hardening.
They are made of low carbon steel, which makes the workpiece surface wear-resistant. The process has good comprehensive performance, but due to its high cost, easy to cause environmental pollution, and is not easy to deal with large module gear and large gear shaft. At present, it is only used in specific industries such as automobiles, tractors, etc. the technology of random marking machine is constantly improved, and the gear is widely used, and effectively solves the above problems.
laser marking machine
The marking machine adopts the advanced 3D dynamic marking technology to mark the surface not on the same plane by setting the distance of different heights in the software. Its high-speed galvanometer scanning with the maximum marking speed of 7000mm / S is suitable for industrial batch production. It adopts totally closed optical path, imported CO2 RF laser and strict multiple protection control design to ensure the overall stability of the equipment.
Product advantages:
1. The laser marking machine is totally closed and maintenance free laser optical system, which is available at any time without adjustment, with high precision and high speed. The working efficiency is 20% higher than that of similar product models.
laser marking machine
2. The original coherent RF laser imported from the United States has high power, good spot quality, stable power and a service life of more than 20000 hours.
3. The professional constant temperature circulating industrial cooling water system makes the whole machine run more stable, with lower power consumption. The laser marking machine is designed with strict multiple protection and control, which is suitable for all kinds of environmental temperatures, to ensure the continuous and reliable laser marking system works 24 hours.
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