Application of green marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/02/06

Application of green marking machine
ZIXU has a variety of marking machines, laser and dot peen.
The laser marking machine with the side pumped, from the end of the semiconductor pump laser marking machine, has obvious advantages: 532nm wavelength green laser output, focusing spot diameter smaller, more focused energy, high conversion efficiency, good beam quality. The whole machine is well protected, the marking control is convenient, and the PLC program is used to control the system. The device is more suitable for the surface carving of glass products, such as mobile phone screen, LCD screen, optical devices (such as optical lenses, etc.), automotive glass, etc.. At the same time can be applied to most of the processing of metallic and non-metallic materials processing or surface coating, such as metal, ceramics, glasses and watches, PC, electronic devices, instruments, PCB board and control panel, nameplate panels, plastic etc.. Compared with similar products have a high cost. His price is even higher.
ZIXU offers custom wholesale price marking machines including laser and dot peen.
ZIXU looking for agents.
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