Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine in QR/two-dimensional Code

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/10/09

Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine in QR/two-dimensional Code
      In recent years, the rapid development of laser marking technology, a variety of models of laser marking machine appears in the mark market, and now, laser marking machine has become an indispensable enterprise equipment. One of the fiber laser marking machine to fine and clear marking effect, high-speed running speed, no damage to the workpiece marking, long life, zero maintenance costs, no supplies, green and many other advantages, as laser marking Equipment in the leading, as the most popular users of the laser marking equipment.
      In the rapid development of modern information society, all kinds of marking methods emerge in an endless stream. QR code to a unique way of identification, is gradually becoming consumers, businesses, businesses, to identify true and false and access to relevant information fast track, so the product logo two-dimensional code has become now life, industry indispensable part

QR code laser marking machine

bar code laser marking machine

      Fiber laser marking machine with its many advantages to become a number of enterprises to mark the first choice of two-dimensional code equipment. Fiber laser marking machine can be used to mark a variety of two-dimensional code, bar code logo, has been widely used in industrial production, electronics, medical industry, automobile manufacturing and so on the industry logo work. As long as the mobile phone or scanning equipment, scan the product's QR code, you will get all the information of the product, as well as the relevant home page. This requires the accuracy of the two-dimensional code mark, mark the line must be accurate, so the most sophisticated marking effect of fiber laser marking machine to become the preferred device for two-dimensional code marking work.
      Today, fiber laser marking machine leading marking effect has been favored by more and more enterprises, two-dimensional code marking work is almost always use the fiber laser marking machine to complete. High-quality fiber laser marking machine preferred Chongqing ZIXU,ZIXU is a special standard equipment to fight the development, production, sales and service as one of the modern high-tech enterprises. ZIXU production of laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machines and other equipment are in the industry's leading position, high-quality, high-quality, easy operation, easy maintenance, after-sales service, welcome new and old Customers come to buy.
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