Analysis of the function characteristics and additional performance of laser welding machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/03/02

The energy feedback technology of laser welding machine can make the laser output energy have good repeatability. In short, it can ensure that the output laser energy is stable, which can effectively reduce the defect rate of products. Output waveform can be set arbitrarily according to welding material, shape, etc
In the welding process of a specific workpiece, changing the output waveform of laser energy according to the shape and material of the workpiece can greatly improve the welding quality, even some traditional welding machine problems. It can also be solved by changing the output waveform of the laser? It can realize multi fiber simultaneous output. Compared with the traditional hard light output system, it can increase the degree of freedom of processing, and can carry out multi beam simultaneous processing and multi station processing, providing more accurate welding. Conditions.
 laser welding machine
The performance characteristics of laser energy feedback optical fiber transmission welding machine are as follows:
1. Volume real-time control, waveform setting, precision welding quality
2. Stability, high reliability, 24-hour stable operation 3. Equipped with CCD coaxial monitoring system and image segmentation device, the position of each welding spot can be observed at the same time or separately through switching operation, simple and intuitive observation on the display 4. The energy feedback welding machine adopts real-time energy negative feedback, the laser energy is stable, and the welding spot size is uniform.
5. Over energy splitting or time splitting can realize synchronous laser welding machine or time-sharing welding.
6. The waveform can be set arbitrarily according to the welding material and shape.
7. Over energy or time division can realize synchronous welding or time division welding. Rich interface, users can easily control the welding machine.
Energy feedback optical fiber transmission welding machine is widely used in optical communication equipment, it, medical treatment, electronics, batteries, optical fiber coupling devices, picture tube electron gun, metal accessories, mobile phone vibration motor, clock precision parts, automotive lamp
The additional performance analysis of the welding machine should have additional functions. The additional performance of welding machine refers to the additional functions of welding machine, such as single head welding machine. Double head welding machine, the price must have a certain gap.
The welding machine is equipped with camera positioning device, and the automatic feeding device is equipped with a trigger. These devices have been modified and comprehensive, and are moving towards the intelligent road. Therefore, for this type of welding machine, compared with the traditional, the price is relatively different.
The above is only an important factor affecting the welding machine. However, for the comparison of this factor, the buyer brings a certain amount of re-entry, which needs to be compared, investigated and tested. It brings some troubles to work efficiency.
At present, domestic welding machine manufacturers are mixed, and they are also very different. Laser marking machine
Moreover, many manufacturers have described in detail the processing materials, application industries, technical parameters and clear prices of each laser welding machine equipment, so as to make sure whether the suppliers and merchants are what the company wants at the first time, whether they can meet the requirements of the enterprise and whether they can bring benefits to the enterprise.
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