Analysis of Common Faults of Pneumatic Dot Marking Machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/09/07

Analysis of Common Faults of Pneumatic Dot Marking Machine
Fault Phenomenon 6: Printing process stops abruptly.
Cause of failure: external interference.
Troubleshooting: Restart the controller by pressing the power switch on the controller panel.
Fault Phenomenon 7: Screen display error, display graphics, character damage.
Cause of failure: incorrect operation.
Troubleshooting: Press Reset to restart the computer.
Failure Phenomenon 8: Hard drive is not accessible.
dot marking machine
Causes of failure: incorrect hard drive settings in CMOS settings table; damaged hard disk or improper operation.
Troubleshooting: Enter the CMOS Settings table to automatically calculate the parameters of the hard drive. If there is a problem with the hard drive, please seek professional help to avoid replacing the hard disk and reinstalling all files. Fault Phenomenon 9: Continuous automatic printing of printing needle.
Cause of failure: short circuit of printing switch or auxiliary printing switch.
Troubleshooting: replace the auxiliary printing switch; or cut off the second connection of the printing switch and wrap it with insulating tape. Note: First turn off the power supply!
Fault Phenomenon 10: Image twisting, but still clear and discernible.
dot marking machine
Cause of failure: The controller interferes with the computer (Note: Any device that produces strong magnetic field and electric noise may interfere with the display image).
Troubleshooting: Place the controller separately from the computer; check the nearby equipment, such as motor, relay and transformer of the control motor.
Failure Phenomenon 11: Characters are displayed automatically without keyboard tapping.
Cause of failure: There is a short circuit inside the keyboard; one or more keys are in the downward position; something is pressed on the keyboard.
Troubleshooting: Replacement of keyboard; removal of items pressed on keyboard.
Fault Phenomenon 12: Writing error prompt appears on the screen when it is related to the operation in the write C disk menu.
Cause of failure: Ultraviolet laser marking machine hard disk C failure.
Troubleshooting: Low-level formatting of hard disk C or replacement of hard disk (Note: Data and files may be lost while doing this).
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