After sale problems of pneumatic marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/12/02

Customers who have just received the equipment don't understand the equipment, so they ask the most about it
1. Why not spit out the needle?
To help the customer check the whole line of the air pipe, the first is whether the customer's air source is turned on or not, and the second is the value of the pressure regulating valve. Generally, the air pressure can be opened to 5-6 pressures. Then, the air control switch. The two switches of desktop equipment should be pressed at the same time. If these links are OK, the new equipment can be used normally.
dot pin marking machine
2. Is the handwriting not beautiful?
In most cases, the needle is not tightened, and the adjustable wrench is used to tighten the needle. In another case, the needle is too close to the marking surface. In this case, the customer should take a video to see the marking situation on the spot, and then judge. Just put the height of the head on the Internet a little bit, in mm. Remember to lock it after adjusting the height.
3. Mark no depth?
After the actual effect is adjusted, the general equipment 0.2-0.3mm is ideal. If the air pressure is too small, the depth of the mark will be affected. If the pressure is still 5-6, if there is still no depth, that is the distance between the needle and the marking surface. Under the condition of sufficient air pressure, adjust the distance of the needle directly until the effect is satisfactory and then lock it tightly.
4. Doesn't the needle come back after it's hit?
If the air pressure is too high, the spring will not return. Change the needle and adjust the air pressure.
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