Advantages of fiber laser welding machine and application of plastic welding

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/22

1. Compared with laser, fiber laser welding machine has the advantages of low cost, high speed and proper marking effect.
2. Compared with ink screen printing - robust and never drop.
3. Compared with the traditional electric corrosion, the clarity is greatly improved; the pH value of the electric printing marking solution is basically neutral, which will not damage the skin or cause rust due to the marking solution.
4. Compared with the steel seal, the precision is greatly improved; no matter how hard the metal is, it can be easily marked without damaging the flatness of the metal surface and the stress of the metal workpiece.
laser welding machine
When the pressing temperature is higher than the degradation temperature, the increase of the viscosity of the coating will cause the plate sticking and make the film wound on the holographic imprinting roller. Solution: reduce the hot pressing temperature. Solution: check whether the molding speed is too slow and the molding temperature is too high. Cause: uneven temperature distribution of hot pressing equipment or uneven die plate. High pressure krypton lamp aging, replace krypton lamp. The above are 8 kinds of common application problems of laser marking machine. Customers in need can keep them, and handle them in time in the future to solve the problems. More laser marking machine problems can be contacted, professional laser marking machine manufacturers only for better service! Price 5 big pieces! It is now the most widely used model on the market, with high price ratio, long service life, simple operation, marking materials and other advantages recognized by more professional customers, but after all, it is a highly integrated application. In addition to quality and after-sales, the price is due to professional sophistication and competitiveness at this stage.
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