4060 mini co2 laser engraving machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/01/19

4060 mini co2 laser engraving machine
1. A new laser engraving and cutting machine equipped with a precision 50W water-cooled CO2 laser that
can engrave anything on almost any surface.
2. CO2 laser engraving machine can also be used to cut a variety of different materials. Equipped with a cylindrical rotating
fixture that can engrave any cylindrical object such as a cup, brush pot, musical instrument, etc.
3. It supports a variety of graphic formats, such as PLT / DXF / BMP / JPG / GIF / PGN / TIF, etc. This machine
is equipped with advanced software control systems such as CorelDraw / AutoCAD DSP.
4. This laser engraving machine CO2 is compatible with WIN7, Vista, XP and WIN2000 systems.
Engraving machine


5. Luxurious appearance, streamlined design, the shell is made of thick steel plate, no deformation, sturdy
and durable.
6. Precise and reasonable mechanical design, speed and efficiency. High work efficiency, high laser power
and easy operation.
7. Frame structure combination, the engraving is larger and the precision is higher.
8. High-efficiency software typesetting, including advanced functions such as national characters, imitation
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and free design, small characters are not deformed, saving your typesetting time and improving work efficiency.
9. It is mainly suitable for engraving various seals of non-metallic materials, such as horns, wood, plastic,
plexiglass, ink storage mats, etc.
10, suitable for small-scale crafts processing, in the two-color board, wood, bamboo, plexiglass, cloth, leather
and other materials engraved with a variety of graphics and text.
11. The name, model, logo, pattern, date, etc. can be engraved on the electronic components.


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