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QR code UV laser marking machine for packaging bag

The two-dimensional bar code has the characteristics of large storage, high confidentiality, high traceability, strong damage resistance, large backup, low cost, etc., which are especially suitable for forms, security, tracking, licenses, inventory, data backup, etc. A complete data traceability system shall be established for a product to achieve two objectives, one is internal quality control traceability, the other is external product traceability.
UV laser marking machine for qr code
Internal quality traceability
Internal quality traceability can trace production batch, supplier, processing flow, defect rate and other information. It only needs to use UV laser marking machine to mark the outgoing products, and can be queried through the database system. Once any batch of products have problems, which supplier supply is not standardized, you can get the detailed information at a glance.
After being processed into finished products, the products are marked by UV laser twice to mark the unique batch, tamper proof and permanent two-dimensional code, and then enter the database system through the visual identification system, which is combined with the external traceability system.
UV laser marking machine for qr code
External product traceability
External product traceability is mainly for the convenience of users to check the authenticity of goods, understand the origin of products, production date and other more detailed information by scanning QR code. At present, in food, medical, industrial electronics and other industries, laser marking two-dimensional code tracing system is widely used.
The advantages of UV laser marking machine are as follows:
● permanent marking, obvious anti-counterfeiting effect, UV laser inkjet technology can effectively prevent product identification from counterfeiting;
● increase the added value to make the product look higher;
● UV laser marking equipment can meet the marking application of various materials at different production lines.
UV laser marking machine for qr code
● stable and reliable performance, 24-hour continuous operation, laser maintenance free time up to 20000 hours. Wide temperature range (5 ℃ - 45 ℃), widely used in the production of various industries packaging;
● it does not produce any chemicals harmful to human body and environment, and is a high-tech product of environmental protection and safety;
●   It can print a large amount of data in a very small range, UV laser can mark on the product material itself with a very fine beam of light, with high printing accuracy, accurate control, clear and perfect interpretation of the printing content, with strong market competitiveness, environmental protection and safety, without any corrosivity, completely isolated from chemical pollution, which is also a kind of intimate protection for operators, ensuring The production site is clean and tidy, which reduces the later investment and noise pollution.
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